Artist Statement  

The unique qualities of a gem, its brilliant color, shape or fire are always a mystery of sorts, one I look to unlock. The marriage of stone and metal, light and color, weight and balance provide the essential elements necessary for a successful design. It moves my process forwards, growing the work and my vision with each successful interpretation. Every project represents both unique technical challenges and the establishing of creative balance and discovery.

    Nature provides the materials I work with, so turning to the natural world for inspiration is the way I feel most connected to each of my designs. The intricacy of plants, the perfection and balance of their parts frequently inform new concepts. My hope is to create jewelry that, like a flower, can be viewed from any angle-each its own splendid experience.

    I love that jewelry is enduring, that it can last for ages while also representing them. I love that mystery, timelessness and romance can be imbued upon these objects, crossing generations as more stories attach themselves with their passage. It is with that sentiment that I create my jewelry, wishing for my work to ignite a sense of discovery.



Sandra works in her Los Angeles-based studio designing and hand-fabricating jewelry combining traditional and modern metalsmithing techniques. Established in 1996, Sandra Dixon Studios has cultivated a loyal clientele of those looking to collect and admire jewelry. Her creations include many one-of-a-kind pieces combining precious and semi-precious stones set in 18kt gold or fine silver.